FAQs for people wanting iDMe on your phone to allow contactless check-in

1. I've now got the NZ Govt COVID Tracer App.  Do I still need to sign in with iDMe?

Yes.  NZ Government guidance requests that you still sign in to any contact tracing register maintained by the locations that you visit. This will ensure the location meets its contact tracing obligations and will make it easier for contact tracers to identify any close contacts if someone with COVID-19 is found to have visited that location.

2. How do I get my personal QR Code or the ability to check-in using a venue code?

Go to www.idme.co.nz and enter your details, then click the button to see your personal QR Code. Save it to your phone home screen.  If there's no iDMe scanner available and you want to check-in using a venue code, click the link titled Click here for manual sign-in. There's a printable flyer here.

3. Do I need to download and install a mobile app from the App Store or Google Play?

No. iDMe is a web app so works simply by you visiting www.idme.co.nz and saving your personal QR Code to you phone home screen.

4. Will iDMe still show my personal QR Code on my phone even if my phone doesn't have data and isn't connected to the internet?

Yes. As long as you firstly create your personal QR Code when you're online, you can then display it anytime you are offline.

5. I want to use iDMe for my children or the team mates in my team. Can I have more than one person on my phone?

Yes, after entering the details of the first person into iDMe on your phone, click the link to 'Add person' and enter the details of the next person, and so on. iDMe will store a personal QR Code for each person and you can scroll between them to either scan them in or use the check-in button to instantly check each person in using a 5 letter iDMe venue code. 

6. What if I don't have a phone?

You can visit www.idme.co.nz on a computer and enter your details to see your personal QR Code. You can print your QR Code and take it to be scanned, or you can check-in manually for a venue by entering its 5 character venue code from your computer if the venue has enabled this option. Alternatively, if you are with someone else who does have a phone, they can add you to iDMe on their phone along with their own and do the check-in for you.

7. Some other apps make me scan a venue's QR Code. Why does iDMe not let me scan a venue QR Code?

Actually, it does (only better). The cameras on many phones struggle to read QR Codes correctly. Remember that a QR Code simply contains details of the venue. iDMe solves this by providing a 5 letter venue code that can be read by a human and typed into a phone. This achieves exactly the same as requiring people to scan a QR Code at a location, but avoids the problems of phones that fail to scan. 

8. Who has access to my details?

When you generate your personal QR Code it is just stored on your own phone and no one has access to your details. Your details are only provided to a venue host when you scan your QR Code or submit their 5 character venue code to check-in. Your data is then stored in a secure database that only the venue host has access to. Your host is expected to make the contact records available to the Ministry of Health or their DBH upon request only for the purpose of contact tracing if it is believed that you may have come into contact with an individial diagnosed with COVID-19.

9. How long will the data be stored?

The data is stored for a period of 2 months in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines, then automatically deleted.

10. Is there a limit to the number of scans on a day?

No, there is no limit.

11. Do I need to sign out of a location when I leave?

No. The government advice is that if a contact tracer ever needs to get in touch with you, they will ask you how long you were at the locations you visited.

12. Can I use my single iDMe to scan or check-in at multiple venue locations?

Yes. Your iDMe is a universal code that is the method of choice for all the major sports codes in New Zealand. So you can use your same personal QR code to check-in for football training as well as to watch your child's netball game for example.​​​​​​​