Admin User Guide

Personal QR Code

iDMe lets people create their own personal QR Code on their phone with their contact information (name, address, email, phone number). They can save it to their phone home screen and only need to do this once.

Then iDMe lets sports organisers turn your own smartphone or tablet into a QR Code scanner so you can instantly scan people into your venue, courts, turf, fields or clubrooms.

Or... Venue Code

There's also a self check-in option that lets you display a 5 letter venue code for any location, and people can use it to register their attendance without needing to be scanned in if you prefer.

The 5 letter venue code is superior to asking everyone to try to scan a QR code at your venue because many people's phones are unable to read QR codes successfully.

iDMe lets you check-in multiple family members or even an entire sports team from one single device. So a coach or manager can quickly check-in all team mates without everyone needing their own phones.