Recommended steps for organisations using iDMe

1. Decide whether your location can have controlled entry and exit points. Consider the number of people likely to arrive at one time. Minimise the need for people to queue or congregate. Keep people moving in one direction if possible and try to avoid bottlenecks.

2. Decide whether you will scan in people's personal QR Codes by using a smartphone or iPad as an iDMe scanner or whether people should check-in themselves by entering your 5 character venue code into iDMe on their phone.

3. If you intend scanning people in, will you use a tablet on a stand/tabletop or will you use a mobile phone as your scanner? Ensure you have internet access when scanning.

4. Find your organisation on the Sporty platform and ensure you get login details as explained in the Admin User Guide

5. If you want to practice scanning in a personal QR Code, ensure you have a personal QR Code ready by visiting first. You'll either need two devices (eg. one phone to display a personal QR Code and another phone to scan that QR Code) or you can print a QR Code from a computer and scan that instead.

6. If you intend letting people self check-in instead of being scanned, login to the place for your organisation on the Sporty platform to obtain a 5 character venue code for each of your locations.

7. If using venue codes, ensure people can find them. Display them on your website and Facebook. Print and display this iDMe Poster at your venue or location (don't forget to write your venue code in the space provided).

8. Communication is key. Let people know they will need iDMe to sign-in. Tell them via email, eNewsletter, your website and social media. Give people a copy of this iDMe Flyer.

9. Encourage people to save their iDMe personal QR Code to their phone home screen before they come along. They only need to do this once and iDMe will then work for them without their phone needing a data plan or to be connected to the internet. If they don't have a phone, they can print their personal QR Code from a computer.

10. Display the iDMe banner button on your website and Facebook, linked to