Touchfree sign-in and contact tracing register. ​​​​​​​Free for all NZ Sports codes from

Touch free sign in & contact tracing register

The one universal app that works for all major NZ sports codes

Organisations that operate in New Zealand must obtain and display a Ministry of Health QR code to let people sign in with the NZ Government COVID Tracer App.

Guidance from Sport NZ states that organisations that operate at Alert Level 2 or Alert Level 3 also need to maintain a separate Guest/Participant Register to assist the Ministry of Health’s efforts at contact tracing for COVID-19. This can be paper or digital. All contact details must be securely stored for eight weeks, then destroyed or deleted.

What is iDMe? iDMe provides a digital Guest/Participant Register that is free for NZ sports organisations. Traditional registers such as a paper guest book or touchscreen iPad are not desirable since people don’t want to touch shared items or surfaces. Also, traditional sign-in methods are not normally appropriate for facilities or events where a number of people may congregate within a relatively short space of time, since they can cause queues and delay access. Get iDMe for your sport here.

Your Alert Level will depend on where you are in New Zealand. The current Alert Level for your region can be found here.​​​​​​​

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

Step 1 ​​​​​​​ - Sports Organisers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​iDMe lets sports organisers turn your own smartphone or tablet into a QR Code scanner so you can instantly scan people into your venue, courts, turf, fields or clubrooms.

Or display a 5 letter venue code on the poster provided, so people can self check-in to register their attendance at training or your venue without needing to be scanned by you.

Step 2 - The Community

iDMe lets people set their contact information on their phone, such as their name, address, email, and phone number. The iDMe web app can save to their phone home screen so it’s instantly available, even offline.  People can share their contact details without needing to touch anything other than their own phone...

(a) iDMe can display the contact details as a personal QR code that can be scanned in by a sports organiser or venue host. Multiple personal QR Codes can be saved to a single phone, making it easy to display and register everyone’s contact details, touch-free.

(b) In instances where it is not practical to scan people's QR codes, organisations can login to Sporty and create a 5-letter venue code for any location, then display this code on a poster at the venue.  Anyone with iDMe can enter this 5-letter venue code to check-in.

Step 3 - Data Stored Securely​​​​​​​

The contact details of each person who scans in or performs a self check-in are automatically added to a secure database that is accessible to each sport organiser. Each record automatically includes each person's name, address, email, phone, location, date and time of attendance.

Records are automatically deleted after two months in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

or Game Check-in...

If your sport is using SKED competition management software from to generate or publish the draws (game fixtures), then an iDMe check-in button can display with the website draws. People can tap the button beside any game to automatically check-in their iDMe contact details as attending that game location at the time of that game. Game check-in data is stored by Sporty in case it is required by the Ministry of Health for contact tracing, then deleted after two months.

What's the price?​​​​​​​

iDMe is provided by FREE for all non-commercial use relating to community sport within New Zealand. NZ Rugby, NZ Football, Netball NZ, Touch NZ and most other major sports codes are requesting their affiliated sports organisations and clubs use iDMe.

For example, Netball Centres and Hockey Turfs are entitled to freely use iDMe to scan in players and supporters attending community sport. And sports organisations and clubs can create 5 character venue codes to make it easy for people to use iDMe to check-in to locations when a scanner isn't suitable.  Schools are also welcome to freely use iDMe for the purpose of sport.

If you are interested in using iDMe for other purposes such as a commercial facility or a business, it is available for a low subscription fee that covers the licence and hosting, and the secure online database.

How to get started?

Every sports organisation, club and school in New Zealand has now been turned on for the QR code scanner module. If you are a sports administrator, you can get started with the QR Scanner by finding your organisation in the Sporty directory here. Then follow these instructions once you're on the Sporty page for your organisation.